Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Not Kidding!

A judge is supposed to be fair and impartial, but......

An appointee of Ohio Republican Gov. John Kasich has provided information on how she'll help Republicans.


...Ohio Supreme Court Justice Judith L. French gave pro-Republican remarks while introducing GOP Gov. John Kasich at an event early this evening in Powell. She even seemingly talked of  "backstopping” Republican decisions she may rule on.

“I am a Republican and you should vote for me,” she said. “You’re going to hear from your elected officials and I see a lot of them in the crowd.

“Let me tell you something, the Ohio Supreme Court is the backstop for all those other votes you are going to cast....

According to Ohio Supreme Court Justice Judith L. French, she will support whatever the Republicans do or say. Objectivity does not exist for French!

Instead of Republican-loving French, vote for Democrat John P. O'Connell.

* Gov. John Kasich poor performance at the Plain Dealer endorsement conference has resulted in a previously available video to be removed from public view. Seriously.


The closest thing Ohioans got to a televised debate int this year’s race for Ohio governor was a video posted by the Cleveland Plain Dealer. The PD recorded their joint editorial board interview with John Kasich, Ed FitzGerald and Green Party Candidate Anita Rios and posted it online....

...FitzGerald’s campaign took offense at the removal of the video, especially the part where “Kasich refused to answer why he put a gag order on rape crisis counselors.”

As the FitzGerald campaign pointed out in a press release today, “Governor Kasich signed a law that threatens to cut state funding from rape crisis clinics if counselors tell victims impregnated by their rapist that abortion is a legal option.”

Plunderbund has part of the video: