Friday, May 16, 2014

Shouldn't DeWine Know the Laws?

It is no secret that Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine has been flying all over the country to appear in state courts to fight against the Affordable Care Act. DeWine goes to other states to argue his opposition to the birth control mandate. Unfortunately, real issues in Ohio are being ignored because DeWine has spent a lot of time out of Ohio (and also holding nearly weekly press conferences).  People are demanding answers from Mike DeWine.

Sandusky Register:

...The Register has reported about lawsuits and complaints from numerous families against Sandusky County officials and has discussed those issues with Attorney General DeWine in detail in late March, asking direct questions the families have raised.

DeWine said he would look at the concerns further and review the Ohio Revised Code to determine what action the attorney general's office was authorized to consider. 

DeWine has not followed up or offered further comment....

Why does Mike DeWine need to review the Ohio Revised Code if he is the Attorney General? Doesn't he know state laws?