Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Ohio Notes....

Do not miss the HBO special,  The Normal Heart.  The movie, which is based on a play, is about the AIDS crisis as it started to unfold in the United States.  Those of us who lived through those days, lost family members, and watched the lack of support from the government, cannot forget. Warning:  The themes are not appropriate for youngsters.

>>> It appears that another manufacturing plant is closing in Ohio. According to a warn notice posted at the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services,  90 people will lose jobs when the plant closes. Both salaried and union members will be out of work as of the end of June 2014. Gov. Kasich seems uninterested in saving these jobs. Does the fact that these are union jobs make him turn his back on this company and the employees? I'm just asking.

> What is going on with the $1.6 billion owes to the U.S. government? Why is Gov. Kasich refusing to explain why our utility costs may increase? Where is the transparency? Why does Republican Josh Mandel continue to be in the news over some letter he submitted to help one of his campaign contributors?  If you are looking for answers, check out this article at Cleveland.com.