Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Job News?

If you talk to employed people in Ohio, you'll find that many of them are underemployed. The jobs that have come to Ohio under Gov. Kasich do not appear to be providing jobs for college grads. The only jobs that seem to be plentiful are those at Walmart and fast food restaurants. Many highly qualified people continue to be out of work.

In the latest news on the Ohio job front, a large number of people were furloughed at a large manufacturing plant.


A Central Ohio glassware manufacturer has stopped production. Anchor-Hocking in Lancaster abruptly halted operations with little notice to the company’s 1,100 workers.

Ohio Department of Job and Family Services spokesman Ben Johnson says it’s uncertain how long the lay-offs will last....

....On its website, Anchor-Hocking’s parent firm, Every Ware Global says the shutdown of Lancaster’s glassware factory is expected to last three or four weeks. But the length of the lay-offs depends on what the company calls “numerous business factors.” Some workers are being furloughed without pay.....

A warn notice has not been posted at ODJFS. There have been other layoffs announced at the state website. 

> With Kasich's cuts to local governments, it appears that a community will lose safety services---


The Norwich Township trustees on May 20 decided to notify Brown Township they will terminate the townships' contract for EMS and fire-protection services next year if Brown trustees cannot find a funding solution.

“It is with regret that I move we adopt a resolution informing Brown Township that if the levy does not pass in November, Norwich will cease to provide EMS and fire, May 15, 2015,” Norwich Trustee Larry Earman said.

“This puts (Brown Township) on notice. We’re frustrated but serious (about suspending services) if they can’t pass a levy."

Kasich would rather cut money to towns, schools, fire and police services in order to give tax cuts to the rich. Lives are at risk, but some people just don't care.