Friday, April 25, 2014

Where do you stand?

Ohio has already started to see and hear political ads on TV and radio. Which candidate for governor will the middle class support--- Democrat Ed Fitzgerald or Republican John Kasich? Everyone has an opinion about how Ohio is doing in creating jobs. Right now, there are plenty of people that remained under-employed and unemployed.

Here is a comment from a former elected official.

“John has done a good job,” said Hobson. “He’s engaged the Springfield community here and paid attention to its needs. The only blemish on his record is that Senate Bill 5.”

I strongly disagree with Mr. Hobson.

> Ohio's public school children have been abandoned by Gov. Kasich so that he and the GOP can prop up the poorly performing charter schools. Those charter school owners contribute a massive amount of campaign money to Kasich and the GOP. Schools have lost programs, teachers, and support staff because of Kasich's budget cuts. Yet Kasich and his GOP gang push forth an unfunded mandate, Third Grade Reading Guarantee, hoping that teachers and students fail.

> Women in Ohio have found that Gov. Kasich and the Ohio Republicans are a little too intrusive into the biological functions of a woman's body. They've restricted women's programs and cut funding for women's health facilities.

> Ohio's autoworkers have been instrumental in bringing back the state's economy. Kasich did not support the program to save the American auto industry, but he continues to show up for every photo op at auto factories.

> Gov. Kasich and JobsOhio are giving away millions of our dollars to companies that bring jobs to the state. Unfortunately, the jobs that have been created are small in number and low paying. The workings of JobsOhio have been called secret, even though it is our tax dollars that are being used.

> Ohio's safety forces have been disrespected by Gov. Kasich. With his comments about the police officer that gave him a traffic ticket, and his continuing disregard for the work environment of police and firefighters, Ohioans have been shocked by the governor's demeaning rhetoric.

> Counties, cities, and towns have had to layoff safety forces, cut maintenance, and restrict services because of the massive budget cuts signed into law by Gov. Kasich. Citizens are very unhappy with how their communities have been hurt.

> People are disgusted at how Ohio is now experiencing earthquakes and polluted areas caused by fracking. This Republican administration has allowed corporations to dictate how, when, and where our environment, and water will be used.

> The only people making money in Ohio appear to be those that are politically connected. The rich are getting rich, the poor are getting poorer, and the middle class is left struggling.

I could go on, and on, and on.......

It is time to end the economic disaster that the Kasich administration has created in the state. We need Ed Fitzgerald and Democrats to run the state.