Thursday, April 03, 2014


* When Gov. John Kasich visited Sheldon Adelson's shindig for Republicans in Las Vegas, Kasich thanked Adelson over, and over, and over again. Once again we see Kasich's schmoozing going over the top.

Forbes has an article about Adelson and his wealth. Will Adelson be able to buy the next election now that the Supreme Court has opened the door?

Don't miss the PlainDealer's editorial cartoon featuring Kasich: HERE.

* What is Ohio doing to mentally ill boys? MotherJones has some of the shocking details:

An Ohio juvenile correctional facility placed a child, who was on suicide watch and psychiatric medication, in solitary confinement for 1,964 hours between April and September of last year, according to the Department of Justice. Referred to as "K.R." in court documents, the boy's longest uninterrupted stretch of solitary confinement lasted about 19 days. And his experience isn't unique: Four juvenile correctional facilities in Ohio imposed almost 60,000 hours of solitary confinement on 229 boys with mental-health needs in the second half of 2013, according to the government agency.

These details, and other harrowing accounts, are included in a March 12 lawsuit filed by the the Justice Department against the state of Ohio, Republican Gov. John Kasich, and others, on the basis that the state's excessive use of solitary confinement among children with mental-health issues is unconstitutional. The lawsuit names four state juvenile correctional facilities that are engaging in confinement practices that "will cause irreparable harm to these youth," according to the agency. "The way in which Ohio uses seclusion to punish youth with mental health needs victimizes one of the most vulnerable groups in our society," Jocelyn Samuels, acting assistant attorney general for the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division, said in a March statement....

Why is the state refusing to provide mental health treatment for these young people? Warehousing them does not solve their problems.

>>>  Is John Boehner a little concerned about his re-election? 

Speaker John Boehner is running his first television advertisement in four years.

The ad is on the air in the Cincinnati and Dayton television markets until April 16, according to sources who track advertising.

Boehner (R-Ohio), a 24-year veteran of Congress, has three opponents in the May 6 primary election, but is widely expected to sail to victory....

Boehner hardly goes to his district since he spends so much time golfing at fundraisers and attending events with GOP candidates. Some in his district will at least be able to be reminded of what he looks like with the ads.