Monday, April 14, 2014

Play It Smart!

Voters have to start thinking about smart choices.

There are minority voters that support Republicans even though the GOP tries to stop people from voting. The Republicans have cut back voting rolls, poll hours, registration requirements, and even access to bathrooms at poll stations (Miami, Florida). The Republican Party fights for economic issues that help rich, white, men. If you are not a rich, white, male, there is no reason to support a Republican. The GOP just doesn't care about you (unless of course you are a mega campaign donor to their campaign).

Republicans have continued to push for bans on women's access to health care and birth control. The Republicans, especially the males, have no idea about the medical needs of women. Unfortunately, their ignorance about a woman's biology and medical needs has not stopped them. They want to make decisions about a woman's uterus, ovaries, menstrual cycle, and pregnancy. That is insulting to every woman.

Recent tax cuts pushed by Republicans, especially here in Ohio, benefit only the wealthy.  Funding has been cut for schools, hospitals, road maintenance, prisons, the elderly, and the poor. Those massive potholes on the roads are reminders of what tax cuts have created---danger.

If you are looking for fairness and pay equality, you cannot count on Republicans to assist you. Republicans dislike unions, work safety, pay equity, working women, and raising the minimum wage. Why? Republicans believe that workers should be able to be fired whenever a business owner wants, that safety on the job is too expensive, and having a minimum wage is unfair to them. They dislike regulations that protect human beings and provide dignity for people.

Republicans say that they care about you, but in reality they don't give a damn about you.

In Ohio, we have a chance to throw out John Kasich and the Republicans in the next election. Kasich has demonstrated that he dislikes unions, fairness, women's rights, public schools, police, teachers, the LGBT community, etc., etc.  We need to vote for people that work for us, not against us.