Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Reality

What has Ohio gotten from Gov. John Kasich? It all depends on your income level and who you are.

• Business leaders and CEO's might say that they like him, especially those that have received millions of dollars in tax cuts, grants, and other favorable treatment.

• People in the middle class would complain because of the lack of growth in the state, and the increasing tax burden caused by cuts to schools and communities.

• The poor might not be as vocal because they don't have the strength to speak up because of cuts to programs which have assisted them in the past.

• Women would tell you of the restrictions that Kasich, and the Republican-controlled legislature have placed on women's reproductive health. Republicans are more interested in controlling what is happening in a woman's uterus than creating equal economic opportunity for women.

• The unemployed have seen no new jobs in Ohio and little chance that any new industries are coming here. Kasich has still not created full employment in the state. Many of those jobs lost because of the failures of Lehman Brothers and other firms, are not coming back to Ohio.

There are those outside of Ohio that actually think that Kasich has had some success in Ohio. Obviously, those people don't know the truth.

Here is something said by someone that has seen the reality of Kasich's policies.


...Athens County Job & Family Services Director Jack Frech, whose agency serves one of Ohio's poorest counties, said Kasich has done more damage than good for the poor.

"The truth is we've thrown 100,000 people, including 60,000 children, off cash assistance, and those people have nothing and they are hungry and many of them are homeless," Frech said. "That's the reality of his policies. I think it's great that the governor's talking about poor people, but his compassion that he expresses does not reflect the reality of his policies."

That is Kasich's legacy in Ohio--- starving children.