Monday, February 03, 2014

If you truly believe....

* If you truly believe in equality, the right of workers to organize, job safety, women's reproductive rights, public schools, the right to a clean and safe environment, decent wages for workers, voters rights, then you must support Democrat Ed FitzGerald for Governor.

We can never forget how our current governor spoke about our police (see video here), his lack of respect for teachers and public education (see StateImpact), his views about saving the American auto industry (see WashingtonMonthly), how cuts to local governments have hurt our safety (see NewsLeader), how restrictions on women's reproductive medical access have hurt women in Ohio (MotherJones), and the possibility of "Right-to-Work" (for less) legislation coming before the governor.

It is time to get online and support Ed FitzGerald.


* There were some arrests made at a protest at an injection well location in Ohio.


A peaceful protest at an eastern Athens County fracking waste disposal site ended with eight arrests Saturday after protesters blocked the driveway into the site. At least two trucks apparently carrying what the protesters called "toxic frack waste" had to be diverted around the blockade.

An operational waste injection well is located at the site (located on West Belpre Pike Road, Coolville), and a second waste site recently received a permit from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. Area fracking opponents have tried, thus far unsuccessfully, to appeal the permit.

Although the eight protesters were charged with trespassing by the Athens County Sheriff's Office, onlookers described the arrests as "calm and dignified."....

The current Republican administration in Ohio is making it very convenient for the state to become a dumping ground of toxic chemicals. Regulations are important in order to safeguard our water and environment, but unfortunately.......


....Top donors on Kasich’s latest filing include the Ohio Coal political action committee, which was among the 27 to contribute the maximum $12,155.52....

...Kasich totaled $184,000 in contributions tied to the energy industry: $7,500 from Chesapeake Energy, by far the state’s biggest driller in the Utica shale region; $7,000 from coal company Murray Energy’s corporate PAC, $5,000 from company founder Bob Murray, and $43,000 from the coal industry overall; and $47,200 from Marathon Oil employees. Corporate PACS gave Kasich nearly $250,000....

Of course, we cannot forget what happened to the person once responsible for protecting Ohio waterways!


This morning, Talking Points Memo published an interview with George Elmaraghy, a former watchdog at the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency who blames the coal industry’s influence with Gov. John Kasich (R-Ohio) for being forced out of his job over including strong federal pollution limits in permits to Ohio coal companies.

As TPM’s Dylan Scott writes, “His story -- which the Ohio EPA and Kasich's office declined to comment on -- suggests an administration beholden to the coal industry and willing to push out employees who weren't going to capitulate to its demands.”

Who needs clean water? Who needs regulations?