Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Portman in Trouble???

It appears that U.S. Sen. Rob Portman (OH-R) is having some negative feedback from his constituents.

Daily Kos reports on the latest poll:

Republican Sens. Rob Portman of Ohio and Mark Kirk of Illinois are drawing significant disapproval from voters over their refusal to extend emergency unemployment aid. According to new polling done for Americans United for Change by Public Policy Polling, a strong majority of voters want to see unemployment insurance extended for those jobless for six months or more:
More than 60% of voters in both states favor reinstating unemployment benefits. In Illinois 63% support it to only 31% who are opposed, and in Ohio 62% support it to just 35% in opposition. Reinstating benefits predictably has near total support from Democrats- 89% in Ohio and 83% in Illinois. But it also has a substantial amount of support across party lines- 44% of Republicans in Illinois and 41% in Ohio support it, a lot more bipartisan backing than we see for most issues these days.
... 51 percent of Ohio voters said they were less likely to vote for Portman because of his vote...

Whoa! If you'd like to let Sen. Portman hear your views on his lack of concern for out of work Ohioans, you can contact his office here by phone or email.

* Gov. John Kasich's remarks about "deregulating schools" may throw a wrench into his re-election campaign. Parents, students, educators, and tax payers are concerned that more tax money will be taken from traditional public schools to give to charter schools. State Impact has a review of Kasich's recent comments.

Citizens should be demanding that charter schools open their financials so that we can see how they are spending their money. School districts in Ohio report the salaries of superintendents, principals, and teachers, but we have no information on the salaries of those employed at charters. How is it possible that a charter school runs out of money, cannot meet the payroll, and must close only a few months after opening? Is the state just giving these charters money and then just leave them alone?

How much do charters get from the state? Check out this website with the names of charters and amounts of money they will receive.

If you want to see how some friends of Kasich's are making money off of our students, read the Plunderbund story about how our tax dollars are flowing into a private school.