Thursday, December 12, 2013


No one could be happy about Gov. John Kasich's record on job creation and retention. More companies in Ohio are involved in layoffs as indicated by the 569 people laid off since Thanksgiving. Here is a link to Ohio's Current Warn Law List.

>>> With the massive cuts made by Gov. Kasich to primary and secondary education, and colleges,  it is no surprise that students are failing to achieve reading goals.  According to the Columbus Dispatch, 58% of Ohio's 3rd graders have not passed the 3rd grade reading test. If they are unable to pass, the failing 3rd graders will be forced to attend summer school, and face the possibility of repeating the 3rd grade.  Of course, it doesn't help that Kasich's school budgets have resulted to layoffs of teachers across the state.

We might want to explain to Kasich that cuts to education, the layoffs of teachers, tutors, and specialists result in lower quality results.