Friday, December 13, 2013

Fixing the numbers????

* Ohioans should thank the good people of Plunderbund for their good work in documenting the backroom deals being made at JobsOhio (renamed RobsOhio by Plunderbund).  Two recent posts should make every Ohioan stand up and question what is being done with our money.

1. Plunderbund noticed some odd expenses at JobsOhio:

....According to that audit,  JobsOhio billed the Development Services Agency $860,000 for “economic development and marketing services” but included no information about how those amounts were.    DSA just paid JobsOhio and didn’t ask any questions.

The audit also found $165,245  in public money went to the the JobsOhio Beverage System.  Again, those payments “were not supported by an invoice or other detailed documentation.”

Together the two audit reports identify over one million dollars in undocumented spending involving JobsOhio, yet Yost makes no recommendations for recovering that money like he has in other audits....

Kasich's JobsOhio is spending your tax dollars on "beverage services" in this report. Is that for the imported coffee and drinks at the coffee bar (see pic provided by IO) in the JobsOhio office or is it something else? How can JobsOhio have "...over one million dollars in undocumented spending..." and get away with it? I smell a repeat of another Ohio Republican scandal.


2.  Plunderbund has a big story on how JobsOhio has altered their recent report:

If you recently tried to read our story about JobsOhio’s disappointing third quarter report you may have noticed that the link to the report no longer works.   That because JobsOhio removed the original report and replaced it with a new, modified version of the document.

The first file had a create date of 11/21/2013 at 3:18:08 AM and a modified date of 11/22/2013 at 3:29:08 PM.   It was quietly released on JobsOhio’s website sometime over the weekend of November 29th......

......Based on an automated comparison of the two documents, we determined that the document had been altered by modifying the text describing the number of job commitments made by companies in the quarter.....

Thank you, Plunderbund, for your hard work exposing Kasich's shenanigans.