Monday, December 02, 2013

More Failing Numbers

It is becoming more apparent that Gov. John Kasich's JobsOhio is a catastrophe for Ohio's working people. The only beneficiaries of JobsOhio appear to be corporations and CEOs.

Plunderbund has the latest for JobsOhio:

Here are those results:

Total # of Projects 87 61
New Jobs 5,788 3,835
New Jobs Payroll  $228 million $174 million
Retained Jobs 16,317 6,161
Retained Jobs Payroll  $853 million $309 million
Total Jobs 22,105 9,996
Total Jobs Payroll $1.1 billion $483 million
Capital Investment by Companies $1.0 billion $708 million

...With more bad news, here comes the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia which just released a report showing that Ohio is ranked nearly last on the quality of our economic conditions for the past three months.    Almost every state has shown some recent improvement.   Ohio, like only four other states, is moving backwards....

The longer this continues, the more our state falls behind.  JobsOhio is putting our economic growth down the toilet.