Friday, August 16, 2013

Just What You'd Expect

With calls across the state for an investigation of JobsOhio by newspapers, citizens, and elected officials, you'll be happy to know that Ohio Republican Gov. John Kasich has been cleared of wrong doings by----------------- his cheerleaders/worshippers at the Columbus Dispatch, and some of his appointees at the Ohio Ethics Commission. 


The Ohio Ethics Commission delivered a double-barreled shot yesterday to those questioning possible conflicts of interest involving Gov. John Kasich’s secretive job-creation efforts.

Chairman Merom Brachman and Executive Director Paul Nick declared that:

• A newly detailed complaint that Kasich got money from Worthington Industries in the same years that more than $500,000 in state tax credits were approved for the company won’t be considered because the payments represented deferred compensation set up in 2008.....

More baloney, baloney, baloney......

The name "Merom Brachman" should bring back this from Plunderbund (January 28, 2011):

...Kasich needed to appoint two Democrats and one Republican to the Ethics Commission. And checking a person’s voter registration is the typical method for determining if someone meets the statutory requirement.

One of the “Democrats” he chose was Maryann Gall, a central Ohio lawyer. According to the Franklin County Board of Elections website she is not officially a Democrat by Ohio’s standards. Instead she is “unaffiliated”.

The same thing goes for Merom Brachman. Brachman was just reappointed to an unexpired term vacancy on the Commission as the “Republican” but, just like Gall, the FCBE lists him as “unaffiliated”....

Nick Paul, on the other hand, was apppointed by former Gov. George Voinovich, a Republican. Enough said.