Monday, August 19, 2013

Did Kasich's contributors push out EPA water chief???

The person in charge of insuring Ohio's waters are clean is being booting out by Republican Gov. John Kasich.


....In an email sent to his staff today and obtained by The Dispatch, George Elmaraghy, chief of the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency’s division of surface water, wrote that the coal industry wants “permits that may have a negative impact on Ohio’s streams and wetlands and violate state and federal laws.”

“Now, due to this situation, the governor’s office and the director have asked me to resign my position.” 

...Since Kasich began his gubernatorial campaign in 2009, Ohio coal interests have poured nearly $1 million into campaign coffers of statewide and legislative candidates, a Dispatch analysis of secretary of state data shows.....

....More than $870,000 of the overall amount comes from just two coal families: the Boiches, who run the Boich companies, and Robert Murray, who runs Murray Energy.... 

Money talks in Ohio politics.

**** Speaking of pollutants------
The petroleum coke that has created a mess for the residents of Detroit is being sent to Ohio.

...Koch Carbon is shipping the large black mounds of tar sands byproduct to a site in Ohio, and Peters said the storage of petroleum coke has now expanded to cities across the country....

....The petroleum coke was produced by Marathon Petroleum refinery but is owned by Koch Carbon, which is run by well-known businessmen Charles and David Koch....

For a video of the blowing petroleum coke, see the video at Mlive.