Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday's Notes

* President Obama will be meeting with Mayor Mike Coleman of Columbus, Ohio, and several other mayors to talk about job creation.

* Dispatch:
The anti-hunger group Feed the Children normally sends food to famine-stricken regions of Africa and the Third World.

Yesterday, the Oklahoma City-based organization sent more than $1 million in food to Wilmington, Ohio.

About 7,000 jobs are being lost in Wilmington and surrounding counties because DHL air delivery service is shutting down operations at the Wilmington airport.....

The laid off workers in Wilmington want jobs. Are there any companies out there looking for 7,000 reliable, hard-working employees?

>>> Republican fund raiser, Tom "Coingate" Noe was in the news again.
Toledo Blade:
An attorney for Tom Noe Tuesday said that, because the state of Ohio gave the convicted rare-coin dealer “an unbelievable amount of authority” in managing the state’s $50 million rare-coin funds, he should not have been convicted of theft....

During a 45-minute hearing Tuesday, Noe’s attorneys squared off with prosecutors, asking the three-judge Ohio 6th District Court of Appeals panel to overturn the onetime GOP power broker’s 2006 conviction on 29 charges relating to his management of the rare-coin fund.

Noe is an inmate at Hocking Correctional Facility in southeastern Ohio serving the first year of the 18-year sentence imposed upon him after Lucas County Common Pleas Court jurors convicted him on corruption, forgery, theft, and money- laundering charges....

This isn't theft?????? Is he kidding?

* There is more on Ohio's job losses from the Toledo Blade:

...In Ohio, new and ongoing claims almost doubled last week from a year ago, with 283,618 getting jobless benefits, state records show....