Friday, February 27, 2009

Behind The Numbers

Ohio's unemployment rate is up to 8.8%, according to the Cleveland Leader:

The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services reported Friday that Ohio's jobless rate for the month of January shot up to 8.8%. That's up from 7.4% in December 2008 and 5.7% in January 2008. Unemployment hasn't reached such a high percentage in Ohio since 1985 when it averaged around 8.9%.

Ohio lost nearly 60,000 workers from its non-farm payroll, down to 5.21 million. The total state work force, including employed Ohioans and the unemployed that are seeking work, totaled 5.74 million in January....

With so many people losing jobs, social service agencies and food banks cannot meet demands. If you are able, see how you can contribute.