Monday, December 05, 2005

What have you done for us, Deborah Pryce?

Democrat Mary Jo Kilroy, currently a Franklin County Commissioner, had this to say as she announced her candidacy for Ohio's 15th congressional district:

“I am running for Congress because it is time to restore integrity and accountability to our federal government, and it is time to put Ohio’s interests before Washington’s special interests,” said Kilroy. “One-party rule in Washington and in Ohio is hurting families here, undermining our economy and draining our precious resources.”

“Deborah Pryce is part of the Republican House leadership team working with Tom DeLay, who by her own admission is responsible for ‘shaping strategy on issues’. The Pryce-DeLay strategy has failed our families, has failed our veterans and is failing America’s future generations. It is time for change.”

“I have a proven record of fighting for affordable healthcare, affordable housing and I have worked to improve the quality and quantity of childcare programs. I am running for Congress to bring these fights to Washington. It is time we put Ohio families first, not DC special interests” added Kilroy.

In our district, we've lost jobs and the only thing Pryce has done for us is participate in photo ops with her bosses--George W. Bush and Tom DeLay. What about us, Congresswoman Pryce? Where are our jobs? What have you done to bring new industries to our district? If there is such economic success in our country, why have we missed out? Over one hundred Ohioans have been killed in Iraq and your response is "stay the course." That is not an exit strategy or a solution to bring our kids home. While you work with lobbyists and special interest groups to fill their wish lists, you have done little to help your constituents out of the economic mess that plagues your district.