Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I'll Scratch Your Back, If You Scratch Mine

I found this little bit of information:

Ohio State And Battelle Team Up On Advanced Military Hybrid Vehicle Project

OhioTechNet - OTN

The Ohio State University and Battelle are teaming to bring their automotive and alternative energy technical expertise to the development of hybrid vehicle technology for military vehicles. The work will focus on alternative on-board power systems that offer greater mission flexibility. With $1.5 million in federal funding secured by Congresswoman Deborah Pryce, these Ohio-based institutions will develop and apply advanced systems analysis tools to study the impact of new and alternative power and propulsion systems on the U.S. Army vehicle fleet. "This announcement is another example of the great partnership that has been forged between OSU, Battelle, and the federal government. We in Central Ohio are privileged to have two great research institutions in our backyard," said Congresswoman Pryce. More

The source for the above information was
While we are all happy that this type of research is being done, why is it being done at Battelle? I was curious. Before and after this announcement, people associated with Battelle contributed $5,200 to the Deborah Pryce campaign. However, no one associated with The Ohio State University contributed during the same time period. I might be a little unsophisticated in the area of political contributions and the securing of federal grants, but is this the way it is supposed to happen? Shouldn't a member of Congress work to get grants and such for companies and organizations within their district without getting political contributions from those groups? Is this type of back scratching ethical? I don't think it is, but I'm only a lowly citizen in the 15th congressional district of Ohio.