Tuesday, October 27, 2015


If you are concerned about which candidates to vote for in the election, here is a list put out by the Franklin County Democratic Party:

2015 Election Official Sample Ballot

Candidates Endorsed by the Franklin County Democratic Party

County Wide Candidates

Ted Barrows-Municipal Court Judge
Mark Hummer- Municipal Court Judge
Eileen Paley- for Municipal Court Judge
Cynthia Ebner- for Municipal Court Judge
Cindi Morehart- for Municipal Court Judge

Municipal and Township Candidates

Andrew J. Ginther- for Mayor of Columbus

Zach Klein- Columbus City Council
Elizabeth C. Brown-for Columbus City Council
Jaiza Page-Columbus City Council
Michael Stinziano-for Columbus City Council
Shannon G. Hardin- Columbus City Council

Gary Baker- Columbus City School Board
W. Shawna Gibbs- Columbus School Board
Mary Jo Hudson- Columbus City School Board
Eric S. Brown- Columbus City School Board

Kim Maggard- Whitehall Mayor
Michael Bivens- for Whitehall City Attorney
Steven Quincel- for Whitehall Treasurer
Karen Conison- Whitehall City Council

Cornelius McGrady-for Reynoldsburg Mayor
Krisitin Bryant- for Reynoldsburg City Attorney
Preston Stearns- for Reynoldsburg City Council President
Michael Krakomberger- for Reynoldsburg City Council
Mark McKenzie- for Reynoldsburg City Council
Sean McMullen-for Reynoldsburg City Council
Tyrone Martin- for Reynoldsburg City Council
Debbie Dunlap- for Reynoldsburg School Board

Mike Schadek-Upper Arlington City Council
Carolyn Casper- for Upper Arlington City Council
Bob Foulk- for Upper Arlington City Council

Steven Gladman-Grandview City Council

Sharon Whitten- for Madison Township Trustee
Mary Tedrow- Groveport Madison School Board

Deb Steele- Clinton Township Fiscal Officer

David Donofrio- for Prairie Township Trustee

Beryl Piccolantonio- for Gahanna Jefferson School Board

Carmen Malone- for Hilliard School Board

Richard Bird- for Westerville School Board

WRITE IN David Melvin- for Sharon Township

Randy Reisling- South-Western City School Board

Statewide and County Issues

Issue 1: Redistricting Plan- YES
Issue 14: ADAMH Renewal- YES
Issue 15: Zoo Renewal- YES

Make certain that you vote!!!!


Ohio voters will also be deciding about the marijuana issue. People suggest voting 
NO on 2, and YES on 3.

>>>>>  One woman stopped a protest at a Planned Parenthood center:


Mary Numair took down Planned Parenthood protesters in quite an unusual, but awesome way.

According to BuzzFeed News, the 29-year-old Oregon copywriter and Planned Parenthood supporter noticed protesters outside a local clinic in Portland. After trying to approach them multiple times, she opted for a more creative route.

On Oct. 25, Numair arrived at the protest with a sign that read, "Dear P.P., Thanks for helping me with my yeast infections." In a tweet, she said she broke up the protest by chanting the words "yeast infections."

Wow! I bet there will be similar 'yeast infection' demonstrations across the country!