Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Falsehoods from GOP

Are you tired of the right wingers and their false claims? I am.While Republicans get their panties in knots over Hillary Clinton's emails, we should examine what the Bush family and their minions did.

*  Jeb! seems unable to fathom that his brother, former President George W. Bush, had multiple  warnings that Bin Laden was 'determined to attack' the United States. (See NYTimes, CNN, Slate, FindLaw, etc.) But they were ignored.

*  Jeb! and the Republicans are concerned about Hillary Clinton's emails but they ignore the private email server Karl Rove had and the emails erased. Jeb! seems to forget that he erased his own emails  (Politifact).

*  Carly Fiorina was not a job creator but a job destroyer. She cut 30,000 jobs at HP, spent too much money on corporate jets, and  delayed paying  employees from her last campaign,

I'll write more on the other Republican clowns a little later......