Monday, August 03, 2015

Kasich Exposed!

Newsweek has a very interesting article about John Kasich that might open the eyes of people that don't know him. Those of us that are residents of Ohio are familiar with his pompous attitude.  We know that he has little regard for teachers, police officers, firefighters, school children, and the poor. Sure, he talks about helping the poor, but his actions reveal more.

> Kasich cut poor people off of food programs --- Think Progress has the story.

> Most of the teachers in our state are females. Kasich said wanted 'to break the back of teachers unions.' (See Plunderbund.) Does that mean he wants teachers to lose their rights to have a safe work place?

> After he received a ticket, Kasich called the ticket-issuing police officer 'an idiot' in front of state workers.

> Kasich stated that first responders that strike for job safety should be fired. (SpringfieldNewsSun)

> Schools have had to cut programs because Kasich has slashed funding to traditional public schools. Instead, he has increased money to charter schools, which perform poorly, but whose owners are big $$$$$ GOP supporters.

> Kasich and his Republican sheep in the Ohio General Assembly have restricted women's rights to gynecological services.

We know Kasich and his 'job miracle' is a figment of his imagination.