Monday, August 17, 2015

In my opinion...

•  Local Columbus television station, WBNS 10TV, seems to be going out of the way to support Ohio Gov. John Kasich's presidential campaign. Nearly every broadcast has some story about his campaign. I've always been a viewer of the station's news but I'm starting to watch other newscasts. I'm not a fan of Kasich's and refuse to listen to 10TV's propaganda.

If you are also sick of the pro-Kasich broadcasts, contact 10TV here.


•  Some right wingers might be wetting their pants with this news from Forbes:

For the first time in more than 50 years of surveys, the CDC on Wednesday reported that more than 90% of Americans — 90.8% of us, to be specific — have health insurance.....

....Being insured even appears to cut down on your risk of death.....

Thank you, President Obama, for protecting the lives of Americans!

•  Ohio's charter schools needs a massive examination by federal authorities.  Do you think there is something fishy about how Republican lawmakers have refused to investigate and reform the charter school business in Ohio?


....We already knew that while its citizens waited, the Ohio legislature left town as one festering charter school scandal after another went unaddressed.  In particular, a long-awaited piece of “reform” legislation, HB 2, proposed to address “governance, sponsorship, and management of community schools,” languishes in the wind tunnel located at Broad and High.... 

....The proposed reform legislation would, according to the Enquirer, “prevent failing charter schools from swapping sponsors to avoid closure, require that attendance and financial records be available for inspection, force online schools to track how many hours a student is learning and eliminate conflicts of interest between those who run the schools and the groups policing them.”

The Enquirer article also points out that perhaps $91,726 in timely donations in June and July by charter school leader William Lager might have distracted Republican lawmakers from doing the right thing. After all, isn’t the devil – or is it the dollar – in the details when the subject is Ohio charter schools?....

How does the owner of ECOT charter school live? Plunderbund did another investigation in 2014 which demonstrates how some are profiting off the schools. You can read the Plunderbund post here.

It is time for citizens to demand an outside inquiry into the Ohio charter school money machine!