Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Don't eat the food!

Facilities are under attack by maggots?


Maggots in food, staffing shortages and reports of running out of foods are among new complaints facing the vendor that won the contract to feed Ohio inmates.

Reports obtained by The Associated Press through records requests found numerous problems reported since April, when the state took the rare step of fining the vendor because of contract failures.

The records show 65 instances where Philadelphia-based Aramark Correctional Services failed to provide food or ran out of it - usually the main course, such as hamburgers or chicken patties - while serving inmates, leading to delays and in some cases security concerns as inmates grew frustrated. Substitute items were provided in most cases.....

This is disgusting! Then again, ARAMARK was a contributor to the 'transition' of the Kasich-Taylor administration.


The Kasich-Taylor transition report, filed Saturday as prescribed by state law, shows the winning campaign for governor and lieutenant governor of Ohio raised $1,632,115 and spent $604,960.58 so far....

....On the expenditure side, here are the top 15 recipients of donor cash based on amounts paid out by date:

1. ARAMARK - 120,627.77 - FOOD & COAT CHECK

If a corporation contributes that much money to your 'transition,' you might forgive a few maggots going to prisoners and school children. Sure, the corporation paid some fines, but they continue their contract of providing food service.

The Kasich-Taylor administration has created quite a mess in Ohio--- flat wages, cuts to cities/counties, cuts to food programs, cuts to schools/safety services, dismal job growth, etc., etc.  Now we must deal with the possibility that our school children could be looking at maggots in their food.

Just say NO! to Kasich-Taylor.