Thursday, March 06, 2014

The Republican Way

*Democratic candidate for Ohio Governor, Ed FitzGerald, explained how Kasich's tax cuts hurt people.

WFMJ reported that FitzGerald said that "...If your priority is to continue to lower taxes for the wealthiest people in the state, while raising sales taxes on everyone else and also paying for that by cutting funds to education and local government then you're going to have what you've had for the last few years, local people stuck with the bill."

"...local people stuck with the bill..." Kasich will blame teachers and public schools for going to voters and asking for levies, when the fault lies with Kasich and his cuts to education. Believe it. This is just Kasich, the Republicans, and the Koch Brothers planning to dismantle public schools in favor of more corporate owned (and poorly performing!) charter schools.

If you didn't see the post on what ALEC has planned for Ohio's schools, visit Plunderbund for the details.

> People across the country are starting to notice the voter suppression bills signed into law by Ohio Gov. John Kasich, a Republican. Why are Kasich and the Republicans so interested in blocking your vote? Why have they cut down early voting and created more requirements for people to vote? The answer is easy---- Kasich and the GOP want to prevent Democrats from voting, especially women, minorities, the elderly, and young people, all who traditionally vote for Democrats. Don't be surprised if the next election has fewer voting machines in Democratic districts, and "poll watchers" trying to strong arm you from voting. It is the Republican way.

>> Meanwhile, over at ODJFS, the layoffs continue in Ohio:

**  There is a great opinion piece in the Cincinnati Enquirer explaining how tax cuts don't work. Here is an excerpt from

...I’d be surprised if you can find a middle-class Ohioan who knows they got one state income tax cut in the last decade, let alone six. But almost any Cincinnatian can tell you about the pools that don’t get filled in the summer or how college keeps getting more expensive. 

Unfortunately, more than just not working, tax cuts cost us all. Adding up the changes since 2005, Ohio is losing over $3 billion every year, yet we’re 48th in the country in job growth for the same period. Much of that money has gone to the wealthiest Ohioans and big corporations, while the basic building blocks that are the foundation of strong communities have been neglected....

Taxes are being cut for the wealthy while the middle class deals with the results of less money for our communities. You can blame it all on the Republicans.

I haven't even started to rant about how the Republicans are taking away the rights of women!!!!!!!! My blood pressure is rising so I'll save that for another day.