Monday, March 03, 2014

Plans for Ohio Schools Exposed!

Plunderbund exposes Gov. Kasich, the right wing, and the Koch Brothers, and the plans they have for Ohio's schools:

The following letter was sent by Rich DeColibus, former president of the Cleveland Teachers Union, to Lena Pogrebinsky, a current candidate for CTU President.  It it originally appeared on Kathie Bracy’s Blog and we kindly thank her for giving us permission to reprint it here at Plunderbund.

February 25, 2014
Dear Ms. Pogrebinsky,
I obtained the 14-page summary of the Cleveland Plan and read it through.  A few things seem to stand out.  For example, it reads like it was written by the Koch brothers.  An early quote says, “Public education has been shackled by so much – by legal restrictions, bureaucracy, work rules, traditions and the influence of our shared experience growing up in an America not yet attuned to the intensity of global competition.”  While I’m not sure which “legal restrictions” with reference to public education are so awful, my understanding is they prevented bad things from happening and insisted good things do happen, like operating within a balanced budget, mandating so many school days per year, and the like.  Why this is all considered evil I do not understand....

What the Plan really signifies is a state-wide attack on all teacher unions and associations, using the Cleveland Plan as the perfect school-reform model.  The fact the Plan will do very little, if anything, to improve student performance will not be allowed to impede the sacred task of rendering all teacher unions in the state de minimus.  And, it gets better.  In January of 2015, there’s going to be a concerted push by conservative Republicans to enact right to work legislation in the state; the proof of this is in the repeated denials that, “Right to work is not on our agenda.”  It isn’t, that’s true, but only because they’re not past the November elections yet.  See, it’s not just teacher unions they dislike; they are intent on attacking all unions in the state.  And, yes, they won’t make the Senate Bill 5/Issue 2 mistake again; the legislation will be crafted in such a way that a citizen petition and election referendum on it will not be possible.  The goal is to become the new Mississippi; Cleveland just gets to be first in the new world order.....

If you think that Kasich and the Kochs gave up with the failure of SB5, you are mistaken.