Friday, July 31, 2009

Insurance Companies Love Republicans

Insurance companies can count on their Republican friends to fight against health care reform. And why not? Insurance companies, their employees, and their PACs have invested big money in Republicans. The party that tried to scare you about electing Democrats is now trying to scare you about health care reform.

Open Secrets: John Boehner--Career Campaign Contributions from the Insurance Industry = $904,156

Open Secrets: Eric Cantor-- Career Campaign Contributions from the Insurance Industry = $706,674

Open Secrets: Roy Blunt-- Career Campaign Contributions from the Insurance Industry = $556,682

Open Secrets: Pat Tiberi-- Career Campaign Contributions from the Insurance Industry = $601,594

Open Secrets: Mitch McConnell-- Career Campaign Contributions from the Ins. Industry = $939,057

Open Secrets: Jon Kyl -- Career Campaign Contributions from Insurance Industry = $533,044

Do your own search at to check how much your member of Congress has received from the insurance industry.


* The Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009 has passed, according to the Clerk of the House of Representatives.

In reading Roll Call Vote 680, I found that 142 members voted against the bill, including:

Austria, Bachmann, Blunt, Boehner, Cantor, Duncan, Foxx, Hensarling, Hoekstra, Latta, McHenry, Pence, Schmidt---- the usual suspects. I guess they are not for safe food.

* Republican Jon Husted is a little late in his discussions with NCR, which is pulling out of Dayton. If Husted actually spent more time in the Dayton area instead of fancy, schmancy Upper Arlington, he'd have known about NCR's planned move to Georgia.

Sen. Jon Husted, R-Kettering, called on NCR to begin supplying more information about the planned move to Georgia and how the move will impact local employees.
The company’s decision to leave Ohio caught local authorities off guard. Efforts to discuss the move with company leaders have not been successful....

Husted needs to look for employers that will fill the void in the Dayton area instead of wasting his time and energy with NCR. NCR's move is a done deal. Move on already!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursday's Notes of Importance

* Columbus has gotten some money to save some police jobs, according to the Dispatch.

* The Ohio Recovery website is garnering a lot of attention.

* I'm not sure why some members of the House of Representatives would vote against a bill to improve food safety! According to the website for the Office of the Clerk of the House of Representatives, not enough members voted for the Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009 to meet the 2/3 vote needed. Of course, Boehner and his trained right wing followers (Foxx, Flake, Cantor, McHenry, Austria, Blunt, Blackburn, Hensarling, Hoekstra, etc.) all voted no. (Roll Call Vote 657)

* The divorce of Tom "Coingate" Noe and Bernadette Noe is making news, according to the
Toledo Blade :

A Florida judge this week ended the 15-year marriage of Tom and Bernadette Noe, the once formidable power couple who hobnobbed with President George W. Bush and Gov. Bob Taft before scandal drove the Noes from Toledo and the state....
Documents filed in their “petition for simplified dissolution” show the couple together owe almost $3 million — not including the $13.7 million in restitution that Tom Noe owes the state of Ohio and $2.9 million he owes Lucas County for court costs.

While Ms. Noe continues to work as a lawyer in the Florida Keys, residing in what was once their shared $5 million oceanfront home, Tom Noe, 55, is rounding out the first of his 18 years at the Hocking Correctional Facility in southern Ohio....

As noted in the Toledo Blade, both Tom Noe and Bernadette Noe ".....are past chairmen of the Lucas County Republican Party...." HA! How does she get to live in a "....$5 million oceanfront home...."?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More Baloney From the GOP

The Republicans are throwing so much baloney out there that we'll soon need hip boots. If Republicans had noses like Pinocchio, their noses would be 10 feet long.

1. I saw this referred to on the Ed Show on MSNBC tonight. Republican Rep. John Boehner said something like (I'm paraphrasing)......"I don't know a doctor that supports Obama's health care plan...."
Ed Schultz shot back with a group called Doctors for America. Ed quoted the Doctors for America website that shows that 13,988 doctors support health care reform, and quite a large number are from Boehner's state of Ohio. I guess Boehner just doesn't talk to doctors.

2. Huffington Post had a link to Firedoglake about Roy Blunt. Here is an excerpt from Firedoglake:

...Roy Blunt (Blunt is no small potato: He resigned his #2 GOP leadership position—that of Minority Whip—so that he could focus on running for Senate in Missouri.):

Blunt: What I don't know is why the President can't produce a birth certificate. I don't know anybody else that can't produce one. And I think that's a legitimate question. No health records, no birth certificate. . .

Stark: He's produced a certificate of live birth, right?

Blunt: Not that I. . . I don't believe so.

Stark: No, he has. Chris Matthews held it up on Hardball the other night.

Blunt: Take it up with Chris Matthews. . . .

Seriously. These birther Republicans are idiots. I guess I never realized that Roy Blunt was such a racist fool. You learn something new every single day.

3. Glenn Beck's claim that Obama is a racist is a horrible attack. Do you know what Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity have in common? Each of them dropped out of college because they couldn't cut it. Doesn't that say it all? These Republican birthers just can't handle the fact that an African-American lives in the White House.

In The News

Have you seen the special site for Republican senatorial candidate, Rob Portman? It is amazing!

Called the ARCHITECT OF THE BUSH ECONOMY, the Rob Portman website has a lot of eye-opening information:

....In 2005, President Bush appointed Portman as U.S. Trade Representative. During his tenure, one of Portman’s biggest accomplishments was persuading Congress to pass the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA). Although the U.S. Business and Industry Council warned that CAFTA would solely benefit corporations while gutting the American manufacturing base, Portman aggressively moved forward with this job-killing trade agreement. He described CAFTA as “even better than NAFTA”, promising that the United States would “have a trade surplus as a result.”

As Trade Representative, Portman was extremely successful at allowing America’s trade deficit with China to increase by billions of dollars. Under his watch, the U.S. trade deficit increased by $41 billion to $202 billion in 2005.

In 2006, President Bush appointed Portman as Director of the Office of Management and Budget, where he successfully increased the deficit by several hundred billion dollars in two short years. When Portman became OMB Director, the U.S. budget deficit was about $250 billion for Fiscal Year 2006. Despite his missive from President Bush, the federal budget deficit for Fiscal Year 2008 was $454.8 billion, nearly double....

Check it out. It will have you rolling on the floor. The Ohio Republicans think that Portman is their savior.

* Democratic Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy (OH-15) is serving on the House Financial Services Committee.

NY Times:

...The panel adopted an amendment proposed by Representative Mary Jo Kilroy, Democrat of Ohio, to require large institutional investors to reveal how they vote the shares that they own on pay proposals affecting companies that issued those shares.

Kilroy is showing real leadership in protecting the public.

>>>> Republican Rep. Pat Tiberi's (OH-12th) recent vote is drawing a lot of negative attention.
....three House members — Reps. Tim Holden (D-Pa.), Mark Souder (R-Ind.) and Patrick Tiberi (R-Ohio) — are targeted by the ads being launched Wednesday by the Environmental Defense Fund....
...Holden, Souder and Tiberi voted against the House version of climate change legislation that was narrowly approved earlier this summer, and the ads accuse them of caving to special interests.The $150,000 campaign includes radio, television, newspaper and online advertising. And the Environmental Defense Fund hopes to raise more money to expand the campaign to more congressional districts....

Tiberi has voted against the environment in the past. Here are a few items from on Tiberi:
  • Voted YES on deauthorizing "critical habitat" for endangered species. (Sep 2005)
  • Voted YES on speeding up approval of forest thinning projects. (Nov 2003)
  • Rated 5% by the LCV, indicating anti-environment votes. (Dec 2003)
Tiberi is hoping to move into the Republican leadership by following Boehner around like a trained puppy.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Boehner's Pals

People in Republican Rep. John Boehner's 8th congressional district should call him on his toll-free number (1-800-582-1001) and tell him to support a national health care plan. Boehner and his golf playing, lobbyist friends don't want you to benefit from President Obama's plan, and they will do anything to stop it.

Boehner is receiving lots of money from insurance company PACs. The most recent report from the FEC (Federal Elections Commission), shows that Boehner insurance pals are contributing mega bucks so that he can protect them.

Here are a few of the contributions as noted at

AFLAC PAC....... $1,000.....4/29/2009
HUMANA Inc. PAC...........$2,500............4/8/2009
METLIFE INC. PAC.................$5,000.....3/16/2009
National Assoc. of Insurance and Financial Advisors PAC....$1,000.....5/4/2009
New York Life Insurance PAC........$1,500.....2/13/2009
Pacific Life Insurance PAC.............$2,500......3/13/2009
Principal Life Insurance PAC.........$1,000.........3/4/2009
Wellpoint, Inc. WELLPAC..................$5,000...........3/19/2009
Wellpoint, Inc. WELLPAC..................$1,000............5/14/2009

These are just a few of the insurance company PACs that have contributed money to Boehner since January 2009.

Here are more details from

Top Industries

John Boehner (career profile since 1989)

Campaign Finance Cycle:
Securities & Investment$670,786
Misc Manufacturing & Distributing$638,916
Commercial Banks$491,819
Health Professionals$456,636
Real Estate$427,848
Lawyers/Law Firms$379,526
Electric Utilities$357,980
Pharmaceuticals/Health Products$322,030
Food Processing & Sales$281,365
General Contractors$271,302
Beer, Wine & Liquor$228,475
Retail Sales$224,807
Telephone Utilities$221,848
Agricultural Services/Products$214,206
Food & Beverage$211,233

.....And still more from
Energy & Natural Resources$748,698$616,330$132,368
Finance, Insurance & Real Estate$3,120,809$2,217,785$903,024
Lawyers & Lobbyists$638,381$186,080$452,301
Misc Business$2,028,703$1,103,584$925,119

Was Boehner elected to represent people or lobbyists/PACs? Let Boehner hear from you. Numbers for Boehner: (202) 225-6205 / (202) 225-0704 fax, (513) 779-5400 / (513) 779-5315 fax,
(937) 339-1524 / (937) 339-1878 fax, (202) 225-4000 / Fax: (202) 225-5117

Monday, July 27, 2009

Clear Choices in Ohio

* Do you really think Ohio needs to go back to Republican Mike DeWine for leadership? I don't think so. Mike DeWine apparently is dissatisfied with private life and longs for those fun-filled, guaranteed paycheck days in public office as he seeks to run for Ohio Attorney General. DeWine will have to face David Yost in a primary.

Here are some tidbits about Mike DeWine from

...On July 14, 2006, DeWine's campaign began airing TV commercials depicting a smoking World Trade Center. "The senator was notified... by a reporter at U.S. News & World Report that the image of the burning Twin Towers could not have depicted the actual event because the smoke was blowing the wrong way." DeWine's campaign admitted that the video was actually a still photo of the World Trade Center with smoke digitally added. He also was criticized for using an emotionally charged image to attack his challenger.

Another of DeWine's ads suggested that opponent Sherrod Brown didn't pay his taxes for thirteen years. This claim led to the Associated Press reporting on October 19 that, "Several Ohio television stations have stopped airing a Republican ad because state documents contradict the ad's accusation that Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Sherrod Brown didn't pay an unemployment tax bill for 13 years." Brown produced a commercial citing these facts. DeWine's ads were changed to state only that he had failed to pay his unemployment taxes until legal action was taken against him.

DeWine has also been criticized on the issue of national security. Pundit Bob Geiger has noted that DeWine, a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, has missed nearly 50% of that committee's public hearings. Rand Beers, an intelligence critic and expert who has served during the Bush and Clinton administrations, asserted that DeWine's attendance at the Committee's closed meetings has not been better, charging that "he is not a particularly active member.....

I don't think we need someone who could be described as "...not an active member..."

The other Republican who has announced his intention to run for Ohio Attorney General is David Yost. You might not know him, but here are some tidbits:

....David A. Yost, a lawyer for Delaware County, just outside Columbus, won a temporary restraining order last week blocking any recount there. He told the Columbus Dispatch that a second count would be a poor use of county resources. President Bush won the mostly Republican area handily, unofficial results show.Lawyers for the Kerry campaign asked to join Green Party presidential candidate David Cobb, Libertarian candidate Michael Badnarik and the National Voting Rights Institute in the fight to force the county to participate in the recount....

David Yost clearly was a Bushie who was NOT interested in fair elections, don't you think?

We clearly do not need these Republicans to control the office of the Ohio Attorney General.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Health Care Reform

* Democratic Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy (OH-15) is receiving recognition for her work for cancer patients.
The Community Oncology Alliance released this PR Newswire:

"......Over this past year, COA convened a task force of practicing oncologists to analyze Best Practices for improving the quality of cancer care while controlling costs, which can also be implemented without major infrastructure changes.

"The result of that effort is embodied in legislation that was recently introduced in the Congress by Representatives Artur Davis, Steve Israel, and Mary Jo Kilroy -- the Medicare Quality Cancer Care Demonstration Project Act of 2009 (H.R. 2872). This bill would create a national cancer care demonstration project, open to all oncology clinics, which would refine quality metrics dealing with recognized, evidence-based treatment guidelines and patient-centric, coordinated care. The demonstration project would include the active involvement of community cancer clinics already using electronic medical records, bringing information to augment data collected by the Medicare system. This is a real-life application of health information technology, and the type of public-private collaborative effort that will be necessary to reform the health care system...."

Kilroy has made a concerted effort to talk with cancer patients and cancer specialists to see how to develop care that works.

* I saw a TV ad this morning targeting Republican Rep. Pat Tiberi (OH-12th). MSNBC has more about this ad and similar ones.

***** Here is the Health Care Now ad that concerns Republican Rep. Pat Tiberi votes against health care reform:

If you'd like to call Rep. Pat Tiberi (OH-12th), here is the number 1-877-264-4226. Tell him to support health care reform.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ohio's Republicans Slowing Progress

* Former U.S. Sen. Mike DeWine has announced he intends to run for Ohio Attorney General. Mike DeWine was one of George W. Bush's puppets. When former President Bush said jump, DeWine willingly jumped. I think that DeWine and another Republican out of office, Steve Chabot, seems to miss the perks of public office. Both DeWine and Chabot have nothing new to offer, but they hunger for power and a paycheck.

* Sen. George Voinovich stated the real reason for the Republican opposition to President Obama's health care......

Raw Story:

...George Voinovich (R-OH) said on CNBC Wednesday that a desire to prevent the Democratic president from scoring a historical victory with a public health plan accounts for at least 50 percent of the GOP opposition to the plan.

Squawk Box host Carl Quintanilla asked the senator: "How much of this disagreement with the administration is about the policy of health care and how to fix it, and how much of it is Republicans' ... desire to declaw the president politically?"

To which Voinovich responded: "I think it's probably 50-50."

Voinovich and his Republican buddies don't want President Obama and the Democrats to pass a bill that would help Americans and then be able to claim the victory. The GOP just doesn't want to give the advantage to Obama and the Democrats.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Kilroy Protecting Taxpayers

The bank and stock market problems of last fall under the Bush administration were solved by somewhat backroom maneuvering by pro-bank, pro-stock market firm members of the Bush administration. Now we know a little more about what happened and what was done.

The Washington Independent:

... a recent report from the congressional panel charged with overseeing the bailout program reveals that, at least in the program’s initial stages, the returns are nothing to write home about. Indeed, the July 10 assessment found that the 11 small banks that have thus far repurchased their warrants from the Treasury paid just 66 percent of the warrants’ value. (Treasury received the warrants from bailout recipients as collateral to protect taxpayers.)

If similar underpayments were made for all outstanding warrants, the oversight panel warned, taxpayers could lose out on $2.7 billion.

Those figures weren’t lost on some congressional lawmakers, who introduced legislation last week designed to maximize taxpayer profits under the Troubled Asset Relief Program. Sponsored by Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy (D-Ohio), the bill would force the Treasury to sell back all of its warrants through a public auction, rather than through the secret negotiation process currently in place....

Democratic Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy (OH-15) is clearly trying to help taxpayers get their money back from the bailout bills. Kilroy wants the warrants sold in the open market, not in secret.

Kilroy should be applauded for helping to protect taxpayers. I just wonder what her opponent in the last election would have done. Kilroy's Republican opponent was a former bank lobbyist. Something tells me that if he was aware of these backroom shenanigans by banks, he probably would have ignored them to protect his bank buddies.

Mary Jo Kilroy continues to demonstrate her loyalty to her constituents. She has worked her adult life in the public sector and knows what it means to work for the people.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


On our last night in Italy, we saw Bruce Springsteen in concert. My husband wore his treasured shirt that he got at an Obama rally in 2008. The t-shirt reads "Born To Run" and it has a picture of Obama and Bruce Springsteen. Many, many people came up to him and said that the shirt and its message was "beautiful," "great shirt," "love it," etc. Every single Italian we met had good things to say about President Obama. The USA has regained the respect of people around the world.

While we've been gone from the U.S., it is apparent that the President and the Democrats are still trying to make some progress on the problems of the economy and world diplomacy. Meanwhile, the Republicans continue to act like complete idiots with no new ideas, plans, or alternatives. They are like the "Debbie Downers" of American politics---- nothing but negativity, whining, and roadblocks to progress.

I've reviewed some recent legislation from the House of Representatives and have concluded that some House Republicans are doing their best to slow down the legislative progress. If you look at some of the amendments that Republicans have initiated, you realize that the GOP has no plan other than to obstruct, waste time, and cause problems (see U.S. House Roll Call Votes). Republicans Reps. Flake, Hensarling, Blackburn, have made concerted efforts to block, and slow down legislation. These Republicans give new meaning to the phrase...."if you're not part of the solution, you are part of the problem...." Clearly, these Republicans and others like Foxx, Boehner, and Bachmann, are part of the problem of why things are getting done fast enough. By wasting valuable legislative time with cockamamie amendments, they slow down our ability to pass legislation for meaningful laws and regulation. If these Republican clowns are your elected officials, send them an e-mail and give them a piece of your mind.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

After Milan

We had a wonderful time in Milan. After visiting the Duomo, and taking an elevator to the top of the Duomo, we visited several art museums. It was fascinating to see so many wonderful works of art. Luckily, we saw The Last Supper. It was amazing. I always thought that it was a painting on a canvas, but it is a large painting/frescoe on the wall. We also visited the lovely Galleria which has shopping and cafes. It was an experience that I won't soon forget. (Yes, they have a Prada store!)

We took a short train ride to Lake Como. Unfortunately, we did not see actor George Clooney, but we did manage to soak up the beautiful views from the finicula and various points around the lake. It is an absolutely lovely place.

This trip in Italy has shown us the fabulous ease of train travel. Although we arrived in Rome by plane, we've been able to travel to various towns by way of the passenger trains. The trains provide connections between towns and countries and enable passengers to relax, read, and enjoy the ride. It is definitely more comfortable taking a train than driving alongside the somewhat unpredictable Italian drivers. You just never know what the motorcycle/scooter drivers will do. I think that for many of them, the red light is only a suggestion.

Tomorrow night we will see Bruce Springsteen in concert here in Rome. It will certainly be one of the highlights of this special trip to Italy.


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Back from Assisi

After spending three days in Assisi, Italy, we are now in a more modern city. Assisi was the home of St. Francis of Assisi and looks much like it did hundreds of years ago. Despite the fact that Assisi is high in the hills of Umbria, it is visited by millions of people every year.

While in Assisi, we enjoyed the long walks through the hilly streets. I forced my husband to visit nearly every church and gift shop. The food was wonderful. We ate a few meals at a wonderful family run restaurant called Ristorante Minerva.

The church is absolutely amazing. The art and the structure are incredible. I've never seen so many nuns wearing habits!!!!

Our journey through Italy continues.......

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Republicans Are Running on Empty

In case you are interested, the stimulus money is getting spent, despite what the Republicans are saying.

From the right-leaning, Republican-loving, Columbus Dispatch:

....the GAO reported that of $935.7 million in highway infrastructure funding that is supposed to go to Ohio, $384 million has been set aside for various projects and, as of June 25, the state had awarded contracts for 52 projects, totaling $92.1 million.

Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern blasted Boehner and Republicans yesterday, saying Boehner is wrong on the facts and playing politics with the stimulus package. The Democratic National Committee has attacked Boehner with a Web ad.....

Are the Republicans going to continue to lie about everything? Can they be trusted? Boehner and his Republican pals seem to be working very hard to destroy the confidence the American people have in the Obama administration, while they offer no new ideas or solutions for today's problems. The GOP has nothing to offer the American people except the same old tax cuts for the rich and Wall Street.

***** Michelle Obama is definitely impressing the fashion-loving Italians. Every single day there are updates of what she wore and where she visited. President Obama's whereabouts in Italy have caused Italians to be on the lookout for him when they hear sirens or see police cars. I think many Italians are hoping to catch a glimpse of him or his car as it travels through the city of Rome. All of Rome is tight with security and police.


Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Notes From Here and There

While we were in the Columbus Airport, we saw Democratic Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy (OH-15). Several people went up to her, and spoke with her. She was very nice to all. We also saw a very heavily-tanned John Boehner and his pal, Republican Rep. Pat Tiberi, with their entourage. Because Boehner, Tiberi, and their group thought they were so important, they got early seating on the commuter plane. Kilroy, on the other hand, waited with the regular people.

Today we visited some museums, and walked, and walked. Here in the "Eternal City" you see history and ruins at every turn. The Italian people are so warm and wonderful.

Rome is waiting for a visit by President Obama. Last minute preparations are underway and the entire city is very excited. Right now President Obama is at the G8 meeting in L'Aquila and the entire media here is focused on the meetings.


Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Desperate Republicans

The Republicans in Ohio are very, very desperate------ especially those that are out of power. When they lose an election, Republicans are not getting the big contributions, golf invitations, "fact-finding" trips to exotic locations, and those fabulous fundraising parties. The Republicans are not having any fun at all. Boo-hoo!

Have no fear! The "Party of No!" (aka Republican / aka GOP / aka Party for Rich White People) has not given up their desire for power. That is why Republicans like Steve Chabot and Steve Stivers have announced that they will run again for office. I guess it is too hard and no fun being a working stiff like the rest of us.

Despite the fact that the Republicans have no new ideas on how to fix the economy (except give more tax breaks to the wealthy and help banks and Wall Street), the GOP will run negative campaigns attacking Democrats who are working to get our country back on track.

President Obama came into office having to deal with two wars, tension with N. Korea, and bank failures. What did the Republicans do to help? Nothing. Their idea for getting people back to work was a piece of paper with circles, words, and diagrams. The Republican economic recovery plan contained no numbers. The Republicans are pathetic.

Since being elected to the House of Representatives, Democratic Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy (OH-15) has made it her priority to help the regular people in the 15th district. She spoke up when Chase was going to outsource jobs and has fought for new jobs in central Ohio. Kilroy and her staff have responded to the needs of the people in her district. We need to keep Kilroy in office because she cares for us, our children, and our future.

Just a reminder----- my postings will be a little light over the next few days as we travel to an "undisclosed location."

Monday, July 06, 2009

Pointing Fingers

The Ohio Republicans are blaming the state's financial problems on the Democrats----- but it ain't necessarily so. Just before Republican Gov. Bob Taft left office, he slashed taxes in the state to record lows. In reality that seemed good, but that also meant that the incoming Democratic governor would have great difficulty managing and balancing the state budget. Now, Gov. Ted Strickland has had to make severe cuts in agencies in order to balance the budget. The Republicans are pointing fingers at Strickland and blaming everything on him.

For years, decades really, the Ohio GOP controlled everything in Ohio. Nothing moved without the approval of the big shots and backroom supporters of the Republican party. They controlled the polling places (Remember the Bush election 2000?), unbid contracts with the state, how money was invested ("coingate"), and which legislation got passed. (This is why the Republicans still refuse to move on correcting the unconstitutional state funding of public schools.) Now, the world's economy is suffering and the Republicans are blaming Democrats and Strickland for everything.

Ted Strickland is an honorable man. He has not created the mess. While the Republicans point fingers, they offer no new solutions. Right now the Ohio Republicans have no ideas on how to get people back to work, other than to give lucrative road contracts to their best buddies. The Republicans in Ohio want their power back. It just isn't fun to not be in control of the governor's office.

With the election for governor almost two years away, anything can happen. My hope is that the economy in the country and the state will come roaring back and the Republicans will see decreasing votes in their future.

Ohio Republicans care only about the rich, the bankers, the insurance companies, and their political contributors. Do we really want to have the ethically-challenged Ohio GOP control the state again? I don't think so.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Happy 4th!

We'll be on the move for a short time and posting will be a little here and there.

I wish you all a happy and safe holiday weekend!!!!!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Wednesday's Stuff, Pt. 2

I saw a snippet of this over at and thought I'd explore the Census Bureau site to see how Columbus, Ohio was doing. Here is some information from the U.S. Census Bureau Press Release:

The City of Columbus, Ohio has seen a 1.1% increase in population from 2007 to 2008, from 746,861 to 754,885 (population estimate), making Columbus the 14th largest city in the U.S.


***** Warning! Warning! Warning!!!! ******

Beware! The Republicans will be running some anti-Democratic ads in the weeks to come. (See RealClearPolitics for details.) That is right. The party of "NO!" which has no new ideas, has decided that they are going to attack the Democrats and President Obama. Even though the self-righteous, holier-than-thou, anti-minority, anti-choice, anti-worker, anti-health care, anti-immigrant, anti-fair wage, anti-clean air, Republicans haven't had a fresh idea since Lincoln, they've decided that they are going to attack Democrats. The GOP will be attacking President Obama and the Democrats because they haven't fixed the economy yet. OMG! President Obama has been in office just over five months and he is still cleaning up the messes left by George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. The Republicans are pathetic. PATHETIC!!!!!

Ohio Republicans Hope for Failue

The state government is deadlocked because the Republicans in the state senate are hoping and praying that the entire state of Ohio goes down the tubes. Instead of working and cooperating with Gov. Ted Strickland to fix things and get people back to work, the elected GOPers are just sitting on their fat behinds waiting for the entire state to implode. While the Ohio Republicans drag their feet and do nothing, the state is almost coming to a stop.

If you'd like to give the Ohio Senate Republicans a piece of your mind, visit this web link for contact information:

You may also want to give a special hello to Ohio Senate President Bill Harris who has been leading the Republicans in their efforts to destroy the state. Harris, who was for slot machines before he was against it, is doing his part to do nothing to help the Governor and Ohioans. You may contact Bill Harris at the following addresses and numbers:

Ohio Senator Bill Harris
Room #201, Second Floor

Columbus, Ohio 43215
Telephone: 614/466-8086


Ask him about his flip flops on the slots (which would bring in millions of dollars to the state).

pic: courtesy of Washington City Paper