Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Examiner points out that Republican leader John Boehner is wrong, wrong, wrong, about health care reform:

The House minority leader Congressman John Boehner (r) 2nd OH, has said repeatedly that the American people do not want this health care reform.

Two very interesting polls released in the last few days provide evidence that John Boehner has no clue when talking about health care reform. One from CNN shows that 46% of respondents support the health care bill, but when you add in the 10% who oppose it because they think it should be more (single payer) you have a firm 56% supporting health care reform. Only 34% oppose.

The other poll from ABC News/Washington Post is even more dramatic. In that poll 53% support the public option (43% oppose) but when asked a different way support jumps to 72% (28% oppose)....

Don't you wonder where Boehner gets his facts? Does he get them from the lobbyists he golfs with at those fancy golf courses?

*** News from ODOT (Ohio Department of Transportation) as published in the Dispatch:

Two Ohio Department of Transportation officials moonlighted as real-estate and tax consultants on state time, a watchdog report found today.

Inspector General Thomas P. Charles found that Roland O. Ladipo, a transportation technician, and traffic engineer Albert S. Antoine used their personal cellular telephones to run private businesses while on the clock for the state transportation agency....

...In a separate report, the inspector general also found that Myron "Skip" Downard, a supervisor at the Ohio Industrial Commission who was paid nearly $83,000 last year, golfed on state time....

Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.