Wednesday, December 16, 2015

GOP Debates

I have found that I don't want to waste time watching the Republican candidate debates. The Republicans attack our President, push for more wars, and propose more tax cuts for the rich. It is
the same old record. There is nothing new that they have to say.  Besides, I won't be voting for any of the GOP clowns anyway.

---  If you have been following the recent escapades of Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine, then you know that he is against safe healthcare for women. Mike DeWine worked, on our dime, to stop marriage equality, and now he is trying to smear Planned Parenthood. DeWine just hates the fact that women have access to safe healthcare and abortions. Why does Mike DeWine want to deprive women of treatment for yeast infections? Ask him! According to Plunderbund, Mike DeWine is
thinking of running for Ohio Governor! Yuck!

--- U.S. Sen. Rob Portman is against equal pay for women!!!!! Wow! That is disgusting! I'd never vote for a candidate that is against equal pay and equal rights.