Tuesday, September 01, 2015

'16 restrictions'

*  Ohio Republicans have their panties in knots because President Obama announced the name change of a mountain. Formerly known as Mt. McKinley, the name change to Denali reflects the wants and needs of the people in Alaska. (see Heavy for details) 

* Ohio Gov. John Kasich has been seen in every early primary state as he campaigns for President. He has yet to weight in on the latest abortion bill promoted by the crazy right wing Ohio Republicans.

Mother Jones:

Ohio, a state often considered ground zero for anti-abortion legislation, finds itself at the center of the latest reproductive rights controversy—one that could force its governor, Republican presidential candidate John Kasich, to take an uncomfortably public stance.

A bill approved in June by a health committee in the Ohio House of Representatives, on a bipartisan 9-3 vote, would ban physicians from performing abortions on women who want to terminate their pregnancy because of a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome. The legislation shifts the reproductive rights conversation from its typical preoccupation with time frame and viability to the more nebulous question of a woman's motivation for ending a pregnancy....

...Since entering office in 2011 Kasich has signed every anti-abortion measure that has landed on his desk, enacting a total of 16 restrictions that limit abortion access and family planning opportunities, and resulting in the closure of half the state's abortion clinics. There is little reason to think this bill will be different....

Kasich is not an advocate for women's reproductive rights and has been an opponent of equal pay (even in his own administration).  Kasich is no friend to women.