Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Decisions Ahead?

The Republican candidates for president are completely out of touch with the American people. Where the hell do they find these people? They don't care about women, the poor, the sick, public school children, vets, or anyone but their rich, right wing supporters. The Republicans are for more wars but refuse to pay for the care needed by returning veterans.

Here are a few examples of the Republican candidates:

 Huckabee is telling us that we should support a molester (CNN).
 Jeb interfered in the dying days of a comatose woman and today says he has no regrets (Time).
 Carly Fiorina took years to repay her former campaign workers (Mother Jones).
 Rick Perry can't come up with a list of three departments he'd like to cut (You Tube).
 Scott Walker has shown himself as an enemy of public education (SALON).

The rest of the GOP clown car contains self-absorbed idiots!

* * *

>  I like both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders for the Democratic candidate for President. They are both well-qualified and in tune with what is needed for the future.

Google has a Google Doodle on Sally Ride, the first woman in space. The Verge has more about the salute to Sally Ride.