Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Paying Attention?

Once again, Ohio parents, teachers, professors, and taxpayers will need to offer their opinion of the latest cockamamie idea to come out of the halls of the Ohio Board of Education.


Social media blew up this weekend over proposed changes to Ohio’s Operating Standards by the State Board of Education.  The major issue is a change that seems to eliminate a requirement for districts to have specialists to teach the arts and physical education....

...So as you call and email the members of the State School Board tonight, tomorrow, and for the next month (changes are set to be considered until that time), don’t stop there.  The School Board’s actions are a symptom of the problem that exists at the legislative level where Kasich & Co. simply don’t care about funding public schools adequately.  As long as his kids in a private school are doing okay….

Never stop contacting your legislators about fixing Ohio’s underwhelming school funding “model”.

Taking away the specially certified teachers in the arts does several things:
 (1)  It eliminates the opportunity for students to express themselves through art, music, and movement.
 (2)  It squashes creativity.
 (3)  It puts an unfair burden on principals, classroom teachers, and communities to provide outlets for children.
 (4)  It creates suspicion that the state plans to make further cuts to schools.

Let school board members know exactly how you feel about this proposal.