Tuesday, January 21, 2014

End of local control?

The Kasich administration is still pushing the idea of consolidating local government, according to the Columbus Dispatch. Kasich and his people want to combine school districts, fire/police departments, recreation centers, senior facilities, etc., etc., because they apparently will not be increasing funding for local governments/schools, and facilities, etc.

The idea of consolidation takes away local control. Parents would have less of a voice in their schools because districts/schools would be larger, less personal, and unable to respond to the needs of a particular student. This entire idea of consolidation is a way for the Kasich administration to cover up the fact that their tax cuts for the rich are really doing harm to the state and the people.

My advice to local government and school leaders----- don't give into Kasich's bullying!

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> Do you remember when Gov. John Kasich went to Davos last year?  USA Today describes Davos as a place for the "global elite".  Isn't just like Kasich, a former vice president at Lehman Brothers, to abandon Ohio's working middle class so that he can go hang out with the world's richest people?

> More layoffs are posted at ODJFS warn page.

**** Ohio's Republicans are working very hard to disenfranchise thousands of voters in the state. Jon Husted and Republicans in the General Assembly have pushed legislation that would make it more difficult to vote by requiring voters to show multiple pieces of ID and throwing people off the voting rolls. However, the Democratic candidate for Ohio Attorney General has a proposal to protect voting rights in the state.


....Democratic challenger David Pepper is accusing Republican incumbent Mike DeWine of not doing enough to protect voting rights. As Ideastream's Nick Castele reports, Pepper is proposing a unit dedicated solely to investigate reports of voter suppression and fraud....

David Pepper sounds like the kind of Attorney General that Ohio needs.