Sunday, January 17, 2010

We've Heard It All Before.....

Republican candidate for Ohio governor, John Kasich, seems to have some of the same talking points as previous Republican candidates like Taft, Voinovich, and Kenneth Blackwell.

Here is an excerpt from the Cincinnati Enquirer (October 25, 2004) which has information on what Republican candidate for governor, Kenneth Blackwell intended to do if he were elected governor:

....In the course of a half-hour speech in Loveland, he (Blackwell) proposed to privatize state university dormitories, abolish the Ohio Turnpike Commission (a "cesspool of public corruption") and cut income taxes, property taxes, estate taxes and capital gains taxes in a tax-strapped state.....

Privatize university dormitories? I wonder if Kasich also plans use the same ideas as Blackwell.

Kasich's campaign theme is "A New Day." However, other politicians have also used the "New Day" phrase in recent campaigns.

> "New Day" was being used for a campaign to help Muscogee County schools in 2009 in the NewDayCampaign.

> There is a book called The New Day: Campaign Speeches of Herbert Hoover 1928. OMG! Is Kasich purposely trying to emulate Hoover?

> Chrysler has "It's A New Day Campaign".....

> "A New Day" was used extensively by President Barack Obama in his campaign.

In conclusion, Kasich can't even come up with an original campaign theme!!!!